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You’ve found the Best Bed Bug Exterminator in Houston! We Guarantee to Kill Bed Bugs!Bugs you will Happy Bugs gone

  1. We have maintained our certification by the Houston Pest Management Association as bed bug specialist since 2008.

  2. We have treated thousands of homes for bed bugs successfully.

  3. We offer canine inspections – so we’ll show you the bed bugs (no tricks to sell you a treatment).

  4. Results are guaranteed! You have nothing to lose except bed bugs

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The Best Bed Bugs Control and Exterminators in Houston Urban

  • Steam is required on furniture where bed bugs are found to be harboring

  • Live bugs found are manually removed by our trained specialist with our triple HEPA filter vacuums.

  • Liquid  may be applied to bed bugs found.

  • Wall voids must be treated at utility access points (outlets, switches, cable, HVAC access points and more) with a desiccant to aid in controlling bugs in these areas from entering and escaping.

  • Multiple residual killing products are combined and applied to cracks and crevices of moldings, baseboards, door frames, window frames, and bed frames. These continue to kill bed bugs for up to 90 days.

  • The products we use and the application of these residuals must be done by a professional bed bug specialist to protect your family while negatively affecting the bed bugs.

  • Green products are available and can be used.

  • Thermal remediation is also available. We can explain when this option can save you money in some cases.

  • Fumigation services are provided in special cases when heat, a sprayable product, freezing, and other methods cannot work.

Treating a few bugs is not the same as treating a home with thousands of bed bugs in multiple rooms, we have seen and solved it all

  • You go to sleep at night only to wake up in the morning with small bite marks on your arms, back, and legs. Areas that are in contact with the mattress are the most common areas of the skin that are bitten. Bite marks look like small welts that are grouped together. These look red and are very itchy.

  • There are small blood stains on your pillow cases or mattress covers. Since bed bugs thrive on blood, it is likely that you bleed when they bite. You can find blood stains in places where you have slept.

  • Dark spots that are located on the mattress, bed posts, headboards, chairs, sofas, walls are bed bug excrements. Along with your bites and blood marks, these are positive signs that there are bed bugs in your home.

  • Foul or musty odor from your mattress and bed may also be definite for bed bugs sleeping and thriving in your mattress and any area of your room.

  • Catching a live bed bug is a confirming sign that there is indeed an infestation and you should seek help right away. It could be tough to find these reclusive critters, and it takes a professional to locate and exterminate bed bugs as soon as possible.

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