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Termite xray on wall
termite xray on wall pitures

Houston Pest Control Services and would like more information regarding prevention and treatment options as well as pricing? If so, give us a call or fill out the contact form below and let us know how we can assist your residential pest control needs!
Since termites can live in a structure without being easily detected, homeowners need to have their property inspected on a regular basis to catch termite problems early before they develop. 


Indeed, it's crucial to discuss the importance of requesting a pest inspection report for any home under consideration. It's equally prudent to arrange one for your own home before putting it on the market. While you might believe your home epitomizes cleanliness, unseen issues such as wood rot and hidden moisture can leave your home susceptible to infestations.

These subtle indicators often escape the untrained eye, leading many buyers and lenders, especially in regions like Houston, to insist on a certified real estate pest inspection. Pest control professionals frequently recount tales of extensive infestations and property damage unbeknownst to homeowners until a pre-sale inspection reveals the shocking truth. From elusive rodents and mice gnawing away at wiring and insulation to silent destroyers like termites devouring structural woodwork, the threats are multifaceted.

To prevent such surprises, regular treatments from a reputable pest control expert in Houston are recommended. Unlike a standard home inspection, a trained pest control technician is adept at identifying signs of infestation that might otherwise be overlooked. Particularly concerning are pests like termites, capable of causing significant damage to a property being.

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