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You’ve found the Best Bed Bug Exterminator in Houston! We Guarantee to Kill Bed Bugs!Bugs you will Happy Bugs gone


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The Best Bed Bugs Control and Exterminators in Houston 

  • Most bed bug infestations occur in public places such as movie theaters, libraries, and offices. Bed bugs can also come from household pests like bats, birds, or even opossums living in the attic or chimney. Bed bug inspection is one of our specialties. 

  • These bugs are generally transported via luggage, furniture, and clothing. Bed bugs do not discriminate and will attach themselves to any person, regardless of their age or background. Do not let your child live in a home with an existing bed bug infestation. Family members and friends can also bring bed bugs into homes. They traveled recently and brought the pests back as a “gift” for those living at the residence.

  • Bed bug infestation is more common than you think. It is important not to become complacent about them. These bugs can take as little as 10 days from the time a person gets bitten for an infestation to occur.


Once our bed bug inspector confirms that your home or office has bedbugs, we will now move to the preparation phase. Bed bugs are hardy insects and these pests love to hide in crevices and cracks. These spread quickly so you will need to prepare ahead of time before treatment begins.

Heat Treatment And Chemical Treatment 

We will come to your place and eliminate them using heat treatments. Bed bug heat treatment is our preferred method for getting rid of these pests. This is because of the safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Follow Up

We offer a no-cost follow-up visit to ensure that the bed bug treatment was 100% effective. And we’ll provide additional treatments if necessary in 25 days.

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