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Foggers for Pest Control

While you may want your yard to be a tranquil place for kids or pets to play while you prepare meals on the grill or enjoy a morning coffee, mosquitoes and other flying pests can quickly take over a yard, forcing you inside.

Eliminating and preventing these pests can be accomplished with the best mosquito yard spray or fogger. Mosquito yard sprays are designed for concentrated pest extermination, while foggers apply a low volume pesticide or repellent over a larger area, allowing you to treat the entire yard. Beyond the size of the area, the best mosquito solution for a home also can depend on the severity and frequency of the infestation. A spray may be easier to use, but a fogger can be refilled as many times as necessary.

This guide includes important factors to consider when deciding on mosquito pest control solutions. Below is a list of some of the top products that can help control mosquito infestations in and around a home.


Sprays are a common option for those who are only dealing with a small infestation, though they also are suitable for more precise targeting alongside a broad-treatment fogger or mister. These products typically contain a concentrated form of pesticide with a range of different active ingredients, each intended to kill mosquitoes and other insects.

These products don’t require premixing or filling like foggers and misters, so spraying the infested area can begin immediately. However, these products are not typically reusable, so they can become more expensive in the long run to treat a recurring pest situation.

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