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Rats & Mice Pest control 

We know your home and your family are very important. We live in the Houston area and understand how Rats & Mice and other pests can really disrupt your home environment. 
Make no mistake, Rats & Mice can and will take over your home if allowed. If you have an ant problem call us now. Houston Pest Control, 

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While some pest control companies may claim to do everything from insect extermination to home repair, 
we know that true expertise requires focus and proper pest control training. At Houston Pest Control, 
we specialize in eliminating the most common pests in the area 

Industry Experts

We’re only as good as our people, that’s why we have some of the industry’s leading professionals.

The Rats & Mice Control and Exterminators in Houston

When rodents invade your home or business, quickly taking over pantries and contaminating foodstuffs with their urine and feces, it can turn into a maddening experience. Mouse infestation is a serious problem for the city of Houston because mice carry disease and cause damage to structures by gnawing on electrical wiring and creating fire hazards.

As your need arises to rid a building of mice, we remove these rodents one by one with the use of mouse extermination equipment effectively. Our specialties include poison-free mouse control, mouse trapping, and mouse exterminating. We also provide rat control and removal services for Houston residents who need help keeping their homes free from the dangers of rodent infestations.

Rats act as carriers of various diseases and wreak havoc on electrical wiring and cable lines throughout any building they inhabit. They will chew through just about anything to gain access to your home or business. So you must employ us as soon as possible.

Rats, Mice & Rodent Extermination Services in Houston

There are many different types of rats, but they all share common traits which make them so dangerous. Rats carry diseases, gnaw on most surfaces and materials, and contaminate food supplies with saliva and droppings.

We offer our Houston Pest control rodent exterminators services for your home or business when you notice signs of mice or rat infestation. There is a guarantee that you will not see any signs of rodents after our service.

Mouse and Rat Prevention Tips

Rodent prevention begins with mouse and rat control. Mouse extermination must eliminate the entire mouse population for success. You must try your best to prevent an infestation. Otherwise, it can get out of hand very quickly. These tips will help you to keep mice and rats out of your home.

Seal up your home

Mice can gain easy access to your home through the cracks and holes that they find. They travel in groups, so you are bound to come across them. This is whenever looking for a place inside or outside of your home. Here are some places where these little creatures love living:

1) Corners on vinyl-sided houses – These are highways into building walls on ground level which leads up towards attic spaces.

2) Ridge vents allow ventilation behind bricks making them perfect hotspots for mouse activity as well.

3) Weep holes do keep out insects, but not always.

4) Construction gaps and pipe penetrations that allow ventilation behind bricks – mice only need 1/4 inch gap to gain entry into a house.

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